This is the best photographer I’ve worked with yet. It’s never ant procrastinating, it’s get to the MUA, get the work done and the results are always worth it. I am also able to let lose, be free and enjoy myself while doing so, I have a very gift attitude when I’m comfortable so the fact that he’s down to earth is a plus

Chikira B.

I hired 99 Flavors Elite on 3 occasions to shoot a celebrity model in [Galveston, Texas], [Lake Charles, Louisiana] and another shoot in [Daytona, Florida] for Two our magazine’s issues and calendar of 2016. Not only did they shoot excellent pictures, but they also went shopping with the ladies to pick the right clothing, went to the makeup studio and spa with the ladies prior to the shoot and shop around for the best location that made my magazine sell off the shelf. I would recommend them to anyone looking for a great experience

Stunnaz Magazine