What this means is

We provide fitness influencers with unique business opportunities to control their following, in order to market and advertise some of the smallest to biggest brands in the world, while getting paid to do it.
You will find much value in working as a modeling influencer or ambassador for 99 Flavors Content Media Marketing. Our influence agency is a more family atmosphere which means we believe in build a relationship with and creating a chemistry of trust, loyalty and understand:
Who you are?
What you are aiming to conquer?
When did you begin this journey?
Where you’re from and current location?
How did you arrive to this point?

Becoming an Influence Fitness Model for 99 Flavors Elite Content Media Marketing has its perks and benefits:

Rather than simply pairing online personalities with businesses, we create influencer marketing programs from start to finish and outline a plan of execution that they can stand by.

This allows the Influencer to focus on what they do best – being awesome!

And connecting our influencers with the best endorsement deals isn’t where we stop. We offer social media consultation to all of our influencers to ensure they’re producing content that resonates, as well as to help them grow their following – making them even more desirable to advertisers. We even create merchandise for our influencer fans and followers to purchase, place the influencers on billboards, magazines etc


We specialize in creating, organizing, and delivering the most impactful influencer marketing campaigns in the world. We don’t wait for you to get brand deals, we make them and go get it for you! Only our signed talent can work with us!


We among the most highly rewarding in the industry. We can be your guide for a long and productive career. Our experienced team is here to ensure your content specially created and is fully protected, rights secure and influence properly recognized.

We’re able to help Influencers with their:

  • Branded endorsements
  • Merchandise
  • Ad Revenue
  • Product Creation
  • Sales Presentation Planning
  • Social Growth
  • Mentoring
  • Campaigns
  • Print and video placement
  • Media content creation and distribution
  • Social Media Influencer Placement
  • Print, Film, Broadcast and Online Placement